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May 24 2017


when ur mutuals are mutual with each other 

pro: squad
con: i saw this post like 18 times today

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Look Closely: Torso panels of the new Discovery uniforms are tiny, metallic Starfleet deltas.

why are bats stigmatized as being creepy?










I mean

look at these things


they’re like tiny






but instead of breathing fire they squeak and cuddle 


in caves


and leaves


and they have funny ears and noses


I mean really


bats are amazing


This post is so fucking important to me

sky puppies



Look at that last little one go “Splat! Flop, flop.” So cute!!

always reblog sky puppies



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Carrie Fisher as Leia Organa with her daughter Billie Lourd as Lieutenant Kaydel Ko Connix and Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair.

This is a common refrain among the new generation of Star Wars actors: that Fisher was the one who taught them how to deal. Boyega recalled that when there was a backlash against his appearance in the first Force Awakens teaser trailer, released in November 2014—the sight of a black man in stormtrooper armor drew ire from racists and doctrinaire Star Wars traditionalists—Fisher counseled him not to take it to heart. “I remember—and forgive me, I’m going to drop the f-bomb, but that’s just Carrie—she said, ‘Ah, boohoo, who fuckin’ cares? You just do you,’ ” he said. “Words like that give you strength. I bore witness in a million ways to her sharing her wisdom with Daisy too.”

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Homeless man interviewed by ‘ITV News’ recounts story of bravery during Manchester attack

Look for the helpers.

#please tell me someone is gonna help this guy and the other homeless people who were so selfless#manchester bombing 


Share the shit out of this. Share the ever-loving shit out of this.  The UK is facing a vote with a party that has been very vocal about fucking over the homeless.  Remind them why this policy is trash.    Raise a huge swell of sympathy.  Make it political suicide to go ahead with their plans.  

May 23 2017

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Trump’s first budget proposal to slash $800 billion from Medicaid

  • Trump’s first major budget proposal on Tuesday would cut more than $800 billion from Medicaid over 10 years.
  • The cuts would terminate benefits for up to 10 million people over 10 years and give states more power to cut off benefits from federal anti-poverty programs, the Washington Post  reported Sunday.
  • According to the Post, the Medicaid cuts in Trump’s budget plan are the same as those proposed in the American Health Care Act.
  •  It’s a clear signal Trump is aligning his priorities with House conservatives, who are reportedly looking to cut an additional $400 billion from social safety net programs like food stamps and income assistance. Read more (5/22/17)

Trump’s budget would cut $1 trillion from social programs

  • Here are some highlights of the more than $1 trillion in cuts to social programs in Trump’s budget, released today:
  • Cutting $616 billion from Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program over 10 years, which assumes passage of the American Health Care Act.
  • Cutting nearly $200 billion from food stamps, which helps feed 44 million people annually.
  • Cutting $72 billion from programs for people with disabilities, supposedly by ferreting out waste and fraud. (Note that this budget does not cut Social Security, though this cut to Social Security Disability Insurance could be considered breaking a campaign promise.)
  • Consolidating student loan repayment plans (saving $76 billion), ending subsidized student loans (saving $39 billion) and ending Public Service Loan Forgiveness (saving $859 million).
  • Cutting $50 billion from agriculture subsidies.
  • Trump’s plan proposed a nearly half-a-trillion dollar increase to the Pentagon’s budget over 10 years, while claiming he will save more than that — $593 billion — by ending wars.
  • Trump’s budget could hit his own voters hardest, Politico noted. Read more (5/23/17)
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I’m not crying you’re crying

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A good thread on whether “queer” is a slur and if it should be used or not.

Still here, STILL QUEER!!

“If I am unashamed of being queer, you do not get to give that word BACK to the fuckwits who made it a slur.”

“You can deny being the thing and agree with your accuser that being the thing is awful … or you can increase being the motherfucking thing”
(And a MAC grad at that ❤️ bless these tweets)

I might be in love. 

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Why would you rather see two men holding guns than holding hands?

May 22 2017






What if Earth is already the property of some galactic empire that hasn’t gotten around to settling us yet because they just purchased us off of another galactic empire a few decades ago?

What if the leaders of said empire tells its citizen to colonize Earth, and they start taking over our cities and land. They find it justifiable because we don’t use the elements in Earth’s core like they do so we don’t really own the planet. 

We’re pushed to Mars, where only 1% of humanity lives in relative peace but a lot of hunger and a few international struggles, which the aliens feed into. They eventually settle Mars too, pushing us to the moons of Jupiter, then Saturn.

Eventually the empire becomes a bit nicer, and builds us a bunch of reservations throughout the solar system, though only a few of them are on Earth. Today we’re a minority in our own Solar System, mostly running Casinos on Mars or giving tours of the ruins of our once great cities. The aliens stopped calling us Meatbags though. Now they use the more respectable Native-Earthling term, though they’ll rarely acknowledge whatever nationality your ancestors had before they came.

The message of this gets over the head of a lot of people and it’s making me kinda sad.

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Time doesn’t get to be indignant.  

…It literally says “President of the Divided States of America” right there on the cover, its not a flattering piece. Maybe if you actually did a little research you’d see that Person of the Year is not about virtue or positivity, its always been about influence and impact and there is no denying that Trump defined 2016 even if it was in the worst possible way.

The framing of the cover is deliberately arranged so the M appears like devil horns on his head, and the posing is deliberately set to mirror the Time cover from 1941 depicting Hitler. Time also published numerous articles in 2016 heavily criticizing him; the August 22 cover of last year featured Trump’s melting face with the headline MELTDOWN (because he was having another one; I can’t tell you which one at this point, there’s been so many, but I’m sure it’s on Twitter).

Time absolutely gets to be indignant.

May 21 2017

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happy mermay y'all

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Reposted bypjotrsputnik pjotrsputnik




If this gets 50 notes I’ll tell you guys how I ran an underground sex ed class and helped put a pedophile in jail during second grade

Okay, so my mom has always been super open about health stuff and when I was just starting elementary school she got me a bunch of those American Girl books about your body and your feelings and they were really informative and truthful and I really liked them. One day I was talking to a friend about one of them and we started reading it and she was asking a ton if questions and seemed really excited and interested by it and I answered questions and explained stuff. We talked about the books during recess and eventually more girls joined in until we were a group of about 10-15 seven year-olds talking about puberty and sex and a lot of things that most adults don’t The thing about those books is that they look really innocent with cute drawings and there are chapters about brushing your teeth and stuff; but what most people don’t expect is that there’s a lot of health stuff about puberty and mental illness and drugs and a lot of really important stuff that everyone should know. The teachers didn’t care because the books looked super innocent and they thought were talking about proper brushing habits or something. We’d go sit down and read a chapter and I’d add some other stuff that my mom had told me and then we’d just talk and ask questions. It was kind of like group therapy but with sex ed. This was all okay until one of the boys saw a page with a ton of boobs on it (the page was demonstrating a breast exam) and he told the teacher. So they found and I got suspended and I wasn’t allowed to bring any more of those books into school. 

Closer to the end of the year, one of the second grade teachers was revealed to be a pedophile when one of his students said that he tried to touch her inappropriately and then three other girls came forward with the same story. After he was arrested, the girl told me that she said what he did because we had talked about what to do in that exact situation. Because of our group she knew that she probably wasn’t the only one and she knew that it was wrong for him to do that and that she wouldn’t get in trouble if she told someone and that she probably wouldn’t have said anything if she hadn’t read those books.

I started doing it again the next year. No one stopped me. 

It is NEVER too young to start talking to kids about sexual education and dangers.

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Thank you Bobby Moynihan for 9 hilarious seasons on Saturday Night Live!

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Witty Street Art

Sydney-based street artist Michael Pederson’s creates quirky street art that is so subtle that it’s easy to walk past it without even knowing it’s there. He encourages people to take a closer look at their streets and neighbourhoods, and second guess some signs. “I think we travel through urban space without really seeing it most of the time,” Pederson told CityLab. “I like the idea of interfering with the overly familiar background blur … Ideally with something a passerby might see out of the corner of an eye.”

Escape Kit / Instagram / Twitter / Minuscule / Subscribe

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Now, there has to be an “us.” Because, now, there is a “them.”

Birth Day



Why are so many broadway musicals about revolutions?

The gays demand blood-sacrifice

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Her Twitter mentions is full of people saying stuff like “You have always been able to cosplay a Captain!”.
They just Don’t Get It.
Please, Tumblr Star Trek fandom - go to her tweet and give her some love.

This made my day


Go off laura!!!!

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